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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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rence of the Tories. Mr. Pulteney proposed to grant a large sum for assisting the Queen of Hungary, and got Sir John Barnard to move it. They have given the King five hundred thousand pounds for that purpose. The land-tax of four shillings in the pound is continued. Lord Stair is gone to Holland, and orders are given to the regiments and guards to have their camp equipages ready. As to the Spanish war and Yernon, there is no more talk of them; one would think they had both been taken by a privateer.
We talk of adjourning soon for a month or six weeks, to give the Secret Committee time to proceed, which yet they have not done. Their object is returned from Houghton in great health and greater spirits. They are extremely angry with him for laughing at their power. The concourse to him is as great as ever; so is the rage against him. All this week the mob has been carrying about his effigies in procession, and to the Tower. The chiefs of the Opposition have been so mean as to give these mobs money for bonfires, particularly the Earls of Lichfield2, Westmorland, Denbigh3, and Stanhope4: the servants of these last got one of these figures, chalked out a place for the heart, and shot at it. You will laugh at me, who, the other day, meeting one of these mobs, drove up to it to see what was the matter: the first thing I beheld was a mawkin, in a chair, with three footmen, and a label on the breast, inscribed 'Lady Mary5.'
The Speaker, who has been much abused for naming two of our friends to the Secret Committee, to show his disinterestedness, has resigned his place of Treasurer to the Navy. Mr. Clutterbuck6, one of the late Treasury, is to
8 George Henry Lee (1690-1748),      second Earl Stanhope, second Earl of Lichfield.                           B Lady Mary Walpole, daughter
3  William   Fielding   (1697-1755),      of Sir E. W.    Walpole.
fifth Earl of Denbigh.                              6 This Mr. Olutterbuck had been
4   Philip   Stanhope   (1717-1786),      raised by Lord Carteret, vrhen Lord-